Here, you can find details of my weekly dance classes for Bellydance and Bollywood. Please see the workshops page if you are interested in workshops.

A short explanation of each class is given below with estimated calories burned per class. If you have any questions, please do get in touch.

Bellydance Classes

Bellydance classes are great for toning your body. These classes can be quite slow for beginners as you will often work on finding the right muscles for executing a movement, such as undulations and body waves.  Bellydance does take time and patience to learn as much of the work is muscle based and not ‘step’ focused. When done properly and in the correct posture, bellydance is great for back pain and building confidence.

Typically you can burn around 200 calories in a beginners class. My bellydance classes are for all levels and so you can expect to burn between 200 and 380 calories depending on the intensity of the class on the day.

Bollywood Classes

If you are after a more intense cardio workout then Bollywood dance is for you! These classes are very high energy with jumping and bouncing throughout the class. There is never a dull moment! Bollywood is easier to grasp than bellydance as the dance focuses on steps rather than technique – this does not mean it’s easy though! You will certainly burn fat in these classes and build stamina.

You can expect to burn 350 – 550 calories in an hours class depending on intensity.


The calories burned during classes are an approximation only. Many factors such as your height and weight will influence the final figure. If you would like to understand your Body Mass Index (BMI) or Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) further, please click here

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